The Drive For Bandwidth Has Taken To The Sky, Some Would Say Broad Sky By Maureen Donovan via Intelisys

Just 22 months after the LA riots, and following the verdict of the Rodney King trial, I was in South Central LA, testing a new wireless technology for a company called Nextel.  Nextel took the cell phone that was rapidly gaining popularity and integrated a push-to-talk network that would radically change the way businesses communicated. […]

Introducing Open Source Email HQ Switzerland Born at CERN.

Introducing ProtonMail headquartered in Switzerland with servers placed under a thousand feet of rock.  Sounds like something out of a Superman Movie.   Who in their right mind wouldn’t want their email server a thousand feet under mountainous rock? Ha ha. Well anyway,  the fact is it’s a secure email based in Switzerland offering secure communications  with […]

Greetings, redefining purpose and content of my blog.

Hello Readers, In regards to this blog, I will now be focusing on technology, specifically telecom, including phones, cloud services and High Speed Internet.  I will be adding videos of various interesting topics within the technology realm as it relates to issues that are going on globally around us. I found that focusing on too many […]